Kerry & Sue, Townsville, Australia

"Thank you for your warmth and help in exploring this wonderful city. Your attention to detail is second to none – your B&B experience is definitely the best. We look forward to seeing you again – perhaps in Australia? Your new friends";

Philip & Cathy, Alberta, Can

"Thanks for having us. We had a great time in Quebec and at your place. We loved your artistic flare in decorating the B&B. If you ever come to Alberta, we would hire you to do our place. If you want it, here is a can of salmon. I got it myself this June when I went fishing with my dad in Northern B.C. This is from a 24-pounder I caught! Thanks for everything!";

Stacy & Emily, Ottawa, Can

"Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. I have worked in many hotels and inns. The cleanliness, décor and overall character are marvelous. I will definitely suggest this place to anybody coming to Montreal.....";

Anthony, Boston, MA, US

"Thank you so much for such lovely accommodations and for being such a great host! Staying at your B&B was like living right at home – if not better! It made my visit to Montreal a very relaxing and comfortable experience. The 'Montreal bagels' were the perfect touch! Look forward to visiting & staying at your B&B again. Until then, have a fabulous 2005. Merci"

Mark and Roland, St-Jean, Can

"When troubled wind, on winter’s cold, Caused shiver in our souls; When miles behind, the home fire burned; when miles ahead, a church bell tolled; and as we laid, to rest our friends, on Cartier we found repose; that made the mission lesser harsh, even more than Richard knows. Many thanks.";

Marc and Andi, Ottawa, Can

"Fantastic. You’ve made our trip to Montreal magical. Your warm friendship, wise advice and ‘dry-wilt’ were enjoyed and greatly appreciated. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found such a vibrant and truly comfortable home – away from home.....";

Amandine et Michael, Grenoble France

"Merci pour ton accueil. Les conseils et la gentillesse de cahier sont vraiment un petit coin de paradis dans cette si belle ville de Montréal. Nous n’aurions pas pu trouver mieux et on n’hésitera pas à recommander ce b et b autour de nous. Merci encore";

Georgina & Shirley, Australia

"Thank you very much for your generous hospitality, flexibility and help getting us here. You have a beautiful place here – very clean and fashionable – and we had a wonderful time using this as our base for exploring Montreal. Thanks again"

Kissu and Ursula, New York, US

“Merci Beaucoup! We enjoyed our stay here in your beautiful rooms. We admire your thoughtful arrangements in every corner, from the meticulously clean kitchen to the inviting bathroom, to the comfortable bedroom! Thanks for all your help also in finding our way which we did. We’ll recommend you to our friends gladly! You made us feel welcome. Good luck and success to you!”

Robert (l'américain du Wisconsin qui parle Français), Wisconsin, US

“Merci beaucoup pour tout! Le Cartier c’est le meilleur a Montréal et je le recommanderai a tous mes amis qui passeront a Montréal. Je vous souhait plein de succès et j’espère pouvoir passer plus de temps ici la prochaine fois ! Merci encore une fois”

“Merci, encore une fois pour ton accueil chaleureux ! On s’est tellement amuses ici a Montréal. Je compte déjà les jours qui restent avant la prochaine visite « l’an prochaine J’espère !! ”

Annabelle & Lisa, Toronto, Can

“This is fantastic and now I have spent my first time at a B&B. Now I will always expect them to be so wonderful. I am so grateful that there wasn’t a floral valance or overstuffed chair in sight. I will highly recommend this wonderful place. Merci”

Christian, Belgium,

"Présence discrète, attention et chaleureuse de Richard …… Merci pour les petites attentions qui font le plus …. La musique classique qui nous accueille quand on rentre …. C’est extra… un tout grand Merci"

Jennifer & Tricia, IL, US

"Thank you for making our trip so cozy & memorable. We feel like we hit the jackpot in finding your wonderful B&B. It was so much nicer and ‘at home’ feeling than any hotel. We will be back"

Peter and Natasha, KS, US

“Hospitality at its best! Our stay here has definitely been a highlight in Montreal. We could not have stayed more comfortably nor more fashionably. Thanks for all the great ideas when we furnish our own home and for generously offering ideas, suggestions and maps to find our way through these foreign streets.”

“Thank you for helping make our first Montreal experience such a great one. Your place is beautifully decorated and very comfortable. You have been fun to talk to as well. Hopefully we can come back and see you in the near future!”

Alvaro, Arañón and Angela, Mexico

“We really enjoy so much. We will write in Spanish, probably you will understand us. Disfruta – mos mucho la estancia en tu B&B, fuiste muy amable con nosotros. Y nos diste toda la información que te requerimos. Muchas gracias y hasta la vista”

David M, London, UK

“The host with the most! You have the most beautifully decorated and tasteful B&B I have ever stayed in. Thank you ever so much for your warmth + hospitality, as well as all your suggestions meals I had in Canada. Believe me people …… if you’re reading this review – trust this man! I’ll be sure to sing praise of your B&B to all my friends and family in Australia, UK and around the world. Montreal is captivating and I am sure I’ll be back here some day & I know where I’ll be staying!”

Sharon and Dolf, Holland

“Thank you for our wonderful stay, your eyes for details, lovely suggestions. We enjoyed it thoroughly and we will be back. Two days was just too short for such a vibrant city. See you next time?”

Robert Q, US Texas

“First many thanks for your hospitality and your warmth. Second, thank you for sharing your friends with me on my first evening in Montreal …… made my transitions from war from Baghdad to a normal civilization much easier. The best compliment one can be given is that of recommendation and return visits of which I plan on doing both. Blessing & Peace”

Joel M. Dallas, Texas, US

“Thanks for the wonderful treatment for my 44th birthday – Le Cartier exceeded all my expectations – I look forward to my return to the city of Montreal and my stay here. Merci pour tout!”

“Thanks for making another birthday special. I had a wonderful time and enjoy staying at the ‘Cartier’ …….”